Commercial Pool Resurfacing

We know pools and are experts in Commercial Pool Resurfacing!

Aussie Pool Renovations specialise in commercial pool resurfacing. We upgrade old pool interiors to give our customer's a new pool feel and a solution for longevity after our renovation/resurfacing.

Restoring Commercial pools

Commercial pools particularly, are subjected to long periods of use and weather exposure, which is why we developed a resurfacing technique that is designed to deliver superior and long-lasting results with minimal disruption, while never compromising on quality and safety.

We understand these large-scale structures are a significant investment, and are built with precise specifications to ensure maximum entertainment, while safety to the surrounding environment remains paramount.

With industry knowledge and experience, Aussie Pool Renovations have built a trusted and reputable name for the delivery of long-lasting and superior pool resurfacing results, all while ensuring we both meet the pool standards and our client’s expectations.

Aussie Pool Renovations are a fully insured and licensed company. We are Sydney’s leading pool resurfacing specialists, offering complete swimming pool restoration/ renovation, repair, conversion services for both residential and commercial swimming pools.

Our commitment to delivering results with attention to detail, providing honest and reliable advice and ensuring safety remains paramount on all work sites, has also seen us recognised as the leading resurfacing specialists in commercial pool restoration across Sydney NSW. From the enterprises of Hotels, Estates and Retirement villages also the Therapy pool industry to the council sector.

Key types of commercial swimming pools

We offer 5 year warranty on a full resurface and 1 year warranty for a gel coat.

A few highlights about the end result of fiberglass resurfacing:

The new fiberglass pool surface will be smooth and UV resistant.
The interior surface is a solid structure and totally impervious making it waterproof.
The flexural strength of the lining will accommodate minor movement in the pool structure without cracking and seal any inherent cracks.
Due to the smooth and non-porous surface, it makes an easy-to-clean pool also saving on loss of chemicals.

As heat is lost through absorption into the surface walls, an added advantage with our Auspool-line fiberglass interior product is that due to its insulation qualities, the water is kept warmer for longer periods for everyone to enjoy cutting down on heating cost.

Speacialising in:

Public swimming pools

Recreational swimming pools

Olympic swimming pools

School swimming pools

Apartment indoor and outdoor swimming pools

Hotel Resort swimming pools

Sports club pools

Therapy pools


Saphire Blue

Lagoon Blue

Athol Blue

Dove Grey


Fern Green


Our commitment is to ensure your pool is restored providing your pool a new lease on life!

We provide start to finish guidance: From the day we empty our customers pools to a date set for filling. Also provide a Carers guide for pool owner(s) & educate on maintenance for pools longevity.

We provide a fully customised onsite delivery of pool resurfacing services that has set a benchmark in today's pool industry.

We incorporate the latest developments in decorative barrier coatings. This coating is selected for their excellent chemical resistance and durability, with an outstanding field history, as proven over a long period of time in the swimming pool industry.

These technologies combine to rejuvenate and protect the pool, providing a decorative long lasting and durable interior pool surface barrier system. With the right maintenance and love for your pool, you can enjoy the longevity of this surface for 20 plus years.

What can you expect from Aussie Pool Renovations

Better Value

Industry-leading craftsmanship, processes and inclusions mean a better pool.

Aussie Pools for Commercial

Pioneering the evolution of  commercial pools for durability and longevity.

Australia’s most technically capable

Any pool, type/shape, size or design, we renovate it and do filtration upgrades. Fully insured and licenced.

Dedicated Project Managers

Fully accountable and trained to ensure all work at your property runs as smoothly as possible.

Signs it’s time to Resurface a commercial pool

Commercial pool are made to be durable due to the high usage and weather exposure, but like any other pool, they may require repairs every 10-15 years. Here are some common scenarios where commercial pools would need to be resurfaced:

  1. Maintenance: Requires more maintenance because its porous surface is not resistant to algae and bacteria growth. This means that they require more cleaning, more chemicals, and more energy to operate.
  2. Stains: Commercial pools can become stained due to improper chemical balance, leaves or debris, or metal objects left in the pool.
  3. Discolouration: Commercial pools can become discoloured over time due to exposure to the sun, chlorine, or other chemicals.
  4. The Benefits: While concrete pools have there advantages, the benefit of combining our fiberglass resurfacing on a solid concrete structure will not only enhance but protect your pool giving it longevity. This system creates a waterproof barrier for the pool, giving it a new lease on life. This makes it a popular choice providing the best of both worlds.

Bring your pool back to life, contact us at Aussie Pool Renovations for a free quote!

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Our Client testimonials

Thank you Daniel and Mark. My wife and I couldn't be happier with the work you guys did. Added to the work you guys did was your punctuality, your friendly service and the fact that Daniel who quoted the job was actually onsite completing the job. This made a big difference as he was on hand to handle various variations and questions regarding the pools resurface and repair. Once again guys. Thanks for a great result. I highly recommend giving Daniel and Mark a call if you are thinking of getting your pool renovated.
Domonic Kevin
Just wanted to send you a Thank you note for the wonderful work you guys did on our pool.
From our first inital conversation to the final walk through you guys delivered above & beyond on every aspect, from the constant communication of what will be happening to taking the time to explain to us how to look after our beautiful new pool. You guys worked with pride, commitment & passion, treating our pool as if you were working on your own and the end result shows it. We absolutely love going outside now that our pool isn't an eyesore but now the star of the backyard Honestly can't thank you enough. Highly reccomend Aussie Pool Renovating to anyone wanting to renovate their pool, best decision you will make! All the best guys!
Deborah Es
Amazing job guys. Very happy. Thank you so much from Kylie and myself. Will get on your website with positive feedback. Very professional and great work ethic. The whole process from start to finish was first class and stress free. I look at the pool Every day and think wow!!! So happy we went with you guys. You delivered on your promise and your honesty and integrity was second to none. Thank you from the Thorpe's. xx Happy for you to put this on Facebook, because you guys are amazing. All the best. xx
Kylie & Justin
just want to say that both daniel and mark done an EXCELLENT job with my inground fiberglass pool. there knowledge and expertise was unfathomable. both professional and caring within there work. I had the pleasure of being present and seeing the
process of what they do and it's amazing. ontop of all that they were kind, honest, geniune and
friendly guys that were happyto have a chat, laugh and happy to answer any questions about the different stages of the job, what they were doing and why. to me it's little things like that
that make a huge difference between a good business and a GREAT business. keep up the great work guys.... ill see you in 30 yrs for the next refurbishment
Bradden Steele
Where do we start guys? Daniel and Mark your work on our pool was exceptional. Your hard work enthusiasm and efforts did not go unnoticed. Emil and I really appreciate what you guys have done for us and for the first time in a long time we love going outdoors to see the pool, all because of you guys. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know because we know they will be in good hands. Thank you again guys, we wish you a blessed and happy life now and always.
Sandy, Emil & Elbron
Massive thanks Mark and Daniel for the work done on our pool. The pride in the work these guys have is excellent. They have a great understanding for what they do and do it with
passion, care and attention to detail. Tell them what you want and just leave them to it. Our
pool used to look like something from a cheap and dodgy motel that had seen better days, to a
brand new looking pool. So happy with the results. Thanks to you both, great job!
Mark Hurst
We love it so much and cannot wait for summer!! Thanks so much Daniel and Mark you both were so helpful and the pool exceeded our expectations!! We couldn’t believe how quickly you finished it! Thank you again.